Solar Service

BIG SUN start with solar cells, follow-up to provide a complete operation and maintenance of the one-stop supply chain,Give you the best and the most advanced products. Expect in the near future, 24 hours power supply our future.

Power plant maintenance service

※Module cleaning and health check

  • Clean the solar modules regularly。
  • Clean the cooling fan of the solar inverter regularly。
  • Regularly check the electrical equipment of the high and low voltage discs。
  • Regular cleaning of solar power plant sites。
  • ※ Bracket health check

  • Bracket and wire trough corrosion rust inspection。
  • Bracket and slot joints and pipe clamp fittings are checked securely。
  • Reserve the pipe end and the end of the wire slot for inspection。
  • The bracket and the trunking grounding system are firmly connected for inspection。
  • Leakage current check。
  • ※Inverter and DC disk health check

  • Check the DC box (including fuse, DC surge protector, DC switch, cable and ground)。
  • Appearance, wiring, connectors, cooling fans and power generation values of solar inverters。
  • ※Electric power exchange power check

  • Check the AC box (including AC circuit breaker, AC surge protector, cable and ground)。
  • ※Surveillance system

  • Check the environmental monitoring box (sunlight meter, thermometer, anemometer)。
  • System monitoring box (monitoring host / Datalogger, RS485 converter, communication line and network) check。
  • Power plant trading

    Renting a roof for profit

    The roof is rented to participate in the development of green energy. Instead of letting the roof be idle and exposed to the sun and rain, it is better to rent a roof to build solar panels. In addition to regular rent collection, the solar panels on the roof also have the effect of shading and heat insulation, thereby saving air and electricity bills. Solar power generation has no noise, and it does not generate electromagnetic waves that harm the human body. What's more, people do not have to worry about the cost of construction and subsequent maintenance。


    Precise tracking of the Sun in 360°

    BIG SUN's iPV Tracker is able to convert the virtually unlimited solar energy to electricity for daily needs in the most economical and efficient way, and brings real benefits for our customers and to the environment.


    • iPV Tracker combined with the iPVita energy monitoring system leads the solar sector into the Green Industry 4.0 era.
    • Plug and play real-time monitoring of power plant performance.

    Total Solution Service

    Topper Sun's service includes planning, designing, purchasing and installation of solar PV systems; technical consultations for solar-related power generation systems; and the sales of PV panels, iPV Tracker, iPVita PV monitring system and PV system components.


    Planning & Evaluation

    Approval Document Application

    Purchasing & Consturction

    Engieering Quality Control

    Operation & Maintenance