Solar Service

BIG SUN start with solar cells, follow-up to provide a complete operation and maintenance of the one-stop supply chain,Give you the best and the most advanced products. Expect in the near future, 24 hours power supply our future.

Crystalline Silicon Cells

BIG SUN leads the industry with high-efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells in mass production on conventional structure.


  • Shallow junction
  • Optimal front and backside electrode layout
  • Proprietary surface treatment enabling PID resistance
  • High anti-reflective surface texturing
  • High shunt-resistance
  • Low breakage rate
  • Low reverse current


Reliability centered quality (high Rsh, low Irev & good solder-ability) to assure long term performance and stability.

* ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 Certified by UL

  • 6" 156S, M1, M2 high-efficiency mono, full squared mono and multi crystalline silicon solar cells.
  • 60-cells module enabling up to 290 watts power.
  • Pioneer in providing 20.5% high efficiency mono crystalline solar cells through creative optimization using conventional structure without employing selective emitter and PERC.
  • Reliability centered quality (high Rsh & low Irev) to assit 25 years warranty for customers following IEC61215 standard (for module) on cell reliability conformance test.
  • Technology leadership has won sponsorship in high conversion efficiency development projects by Taiwan Industrial Bureau (2009-2012) and Taiwan Energy Bureau separately (2013- 2014).

Solar Modules


Passed 168 hr PID test(normally 96hr).


Passed 56-days salt spray test, qualified for sea shore installation.


Passed 5400 Pa mechanical load test, capable of withstanding strong wind and heavy snow.


Passed ammonia corrosion test, enabling the deployment on farming roofs.


  • High quality modules employing high efficiency 6"mono, multi crystalline silicon solar cells.
  • Reliable bypass diodes minimize the shading induced hot spot concern.
  • Tempered glass, EVA resin, weather proof film and anodized aluminum frame ensure ample protection from the harshest environment conditions.
  • 5 Years product warranty.
  • 12 Years 90%, 25 Years 80% power generation performance warranty.


Precise tracking of the Sun in 360°

BIG SUN's iPV Tracker is able to convert the virtually unlimited solar energy to electricity for daily needs in the most economical and efficient way, and brings real benefits for our customers and to the environment.


  • iPV Tracker combined with the iPVita energy monitoring system leads the solar sector into the Green Industry 4.0 era.
  • Plug and play real-time monitoring of power plant performance.

Total Solution Service

Topper Sun's service includes planning, designing, purchasing and installation of solar PV systems; technical consultations for solar-related power generation systems; and the sales of PV panels, iPV Tracker, iPVita PV monitring system and PV system components.


Planning & Evaluation

Approval Document Application

Purchasing & Consturction

Engieering Quality Control

Operation & Maintenance