Join our endeavor to innovate the future

BIG SUN Group starts initially as a solar cell maker and evolves itself into a PV solar system integration role including engineering, procurement and construction, devoting ourselves to the proliferation of most efficient renewable energy. We recruit those sharing such common ideal to join our BIG SUN family, and construct a holistic education and training program, to nuture them into accountable professioals. Besides exceling in existing products, we encourage our staffs to embrace the innovation spirit and continual to develop more refined and advanced products. Put the right man/woman on the right job with multi-functional development has ensured a strong talent pool for individual's and BIG SUN Group's future development. Welcome to join BIG SUN, together we can create a better and boundless future.

Training & Development

Education and training program has integrated with company's annual Business Plan, Departmental KPI and personal development goals with staged structure advancemnet for holistic development. In addition, besides the company's internal training, we also introduce external training courses providing multi-channel learning opportunity.

Internal training architecture

Education and training course is framed upon the functional requirement of each position. The training is categorized upon "basic training", "cross-functional communication" and "managerial ability development" , to nurture a more comprehensive talent foundation.

Compensation & Benefits

Health Care

We hold employee health examination, health promotion activities and lectures from time to time, intending for proper balance among the body, mind and spirit of our staffs.

Caring Working

We also provide relaxing massage service, comfortable lactation rooms and 24 hours free coffee for better working efficiency.

Welfare System

Welfare committee provide birthday and annual festivals gifts every year. Other than that, we will held a staff travel irregularly. And also includes marriage, funeral, festivals and fertility gifts subsidies.


Besides insurance coverage for every staff with labor insurance, health insurance and appropriated retirement pension for every employees required by law, moreover, we also provide free and far more comprehensive scope for Group Insurance including accidental and medical insurance.

Bonus System

We encourage our employee to unleash their innovative spirit to proactively develop brand new products. We nurture an environment where each employee and the company are united as one to excel and enjoy sharing the profits we create.

BIG SUN Events


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