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The know-how on "Combo-Cell™" is ahead with more than average conversion efficiency of mono-crystalline silicon cells in mass production in the industry.

The product utilizes special shallow junction and highly anti-reflective surface texturing processes so that the cell External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) can be effectively improved. In addition, by incorporating an optimal electrode layout, the average solar cell conversion efficiency for 6" Mono cells can reach 19.9% so far. And the output power of solar module with 60pcs of "Combo-cell™" can surpass 280W then. This unique know-how of "Combo-Cell™" technology can be used in mass production based on the current equipment sets. No additional investment in capital equipment is required.
Low CTM(Cell to Module) loss For the reason of reducing and monitoring the risk of CTM Loss, BIG SUN keeps on lowing the CTM Loss through 0.1% bin range standard, and dividing the outputting products into disparities by its current.

Low Reverse Current Based on the feature of low reverse current feature, BIG SUN Cells can have great performance on not only reducing hot spot risk for long-term reliability, but also providing good protection on shadowing.

Strict LID
(Light-Induced Degradation)
In order to have an efficient control over LID effect, except the strict internal monitoring, BIG SUN always requests suppliers keep moving on quality control and products improvement.
High Shunt-Resistance High Shunt-Resistance, the important feature of BIG SUN Cells, either making BIG SUN Cells have great feedback on isolation, or providing BIG SUN Cells with optimal output-power even under low light environment. In the long term, more power gaining will be expected.

Uniform Performance from environment effect(High Temperature、Low Light) BIG SUN Cells produce extraordinary output power under high temperature, even under low-lighting environment.

Non-Negotiable Attitude on Product Reliability Inspection system, selection of venders, monitoring and recording every step of installation and assembly…
For achieving the goal of product reliability improvement, BIG SUN pays much attention to every detail of product producing.

High Output-Power High efficiency rate means high output power, that is the main feature of BIG SUN Cells. BIG SUN believes customers deserve to have better qualified and quality products. Every investment on cells should have better result from that.

PID-resistant cells for both 6M and 6S BSE has set up cell level laminated PID test and acceptance criteria according to the industry most common approach. BSE's 6S and 6M cells with optimized process in CVD systems are both PID-resistant. Our cells (included in Customer's module) have both passed the PI Berlin's PID test. BSE can provide PID-resistant cells to enable customers' panel to become more PID-resistant even coupled with moderate PID-resistant EVAs. With suitable EVAs and our PID resistant cells, customers are ensured with good PID-resistant performance.

Low Breakage rateLow breakage before shipment :
BIG SUN monitors the crack situation happened on cells through EL system in order to reduce the breakage rate during module processing, and to decrease the risk of module re-processing.

Low breakage for shipment :
- No pumping. Lower the risk of cracks and breakages from stacking.
- Low warpage and bowing, thus,
reduced the risk of breakage during stringing and laminating.
- Careful handling with well packaging.
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